25 April 2011

Featured on Oh Darling Bride - Ayanda and Thato's wedding

I am so happy to share with you that Ayanda and Thato's wedding at Avianto in December 2010 have been featured on Oh Darling Bride's blog! Go have a look at their website here to see what Ayanda had to say about their awesome wedding at Avianto in December 2010.

06 April 2011

Cynthia and Warren - Makiti, Muldersdrift

One thing that I have not had to deal with till this wedding was shooting in the rain... I must admit that it is a challenge and it tests your photographic ability and knowledge to the max, specially even when it stops raining and the light still stays greyish...and running around with someone trying to hold an umbrella over your equipment is also not part of my fun things to do list...:-) 

The day started out with rain and Melanie, for who I second at this wedding, and I were hoping it would stop so we could get some couple photos after te ceremony, but just as soon as I met with Warren and drove to the Lion and Rhino lodge were he, his groomsmen and other friends got dressed it started to rain even harder and the temperature dropped to probably below zero :-)...and it didn't stop till sometime during the reception...

But coming back to Warren and his friends, who are all the most gentlemen of guys I have worked with, made for big laughs the whole day. It was also so amazing how relaxed Cynthia and Warren are with each other and it showed when we managed to sqeeze in a bit of time for couple photos when the rained stopped! They were keen to do anything just to get some photos of their special day!

I loved the images we got of them though! So enjoy with me!


Warren had his cufflinks made specially for his and Cynthia's big day...I just love these!

This little page boy is definitely one of my favourites...

So, we were brave enough to attempt to get some images in the last raindrops...

01 April 2011

Cynthia and Warren - sneak peek

A quick sneak peek at Cynthia and Warren's wedding which was at Makiti.  I assisted Melanie Wessels again...

Adrian and Kevin - Shepstone Gardens, Orange Grove

This was my third time assisting Kat at Shepstone Gardens and again we managed to get a different view of this beautiful venue.

Adrian and Kevin were both very relaxed and also excited about their big day.  Two things that I loved about this wedding were the colour coordination they used and the hair pieces of some of the guests...gorgeous...

I wish I could know what they were talking about...:-)

The hair pieces I was talking about...just love them...