02 June 2010

Stephanie & Inge - Senior Shoot (continue...)

Here are the photos of Stephanie and Inge, done at Waterfall Country and Equestrian Estate in Kyalami, Midrand, as promised in their "sneak preview" little more than a week ago. This shoot was already discussed in February but due to all the rain and our busy schedules we only ended up having an open Saturday afternoon two weekends ago. But I couldn't complain about the weather, as it was a beautiful day (I just loved the sky) and everything was still so green at the Waterfall.

I loved editing these photos as the two girls wanted a vintage feeling to their photos and therefore dressed the part too. I also loved the props they brought with - it added to the vintage feeling.

Thanks to the management at Waterfall, Edward and Rob, for allowing us to do the shoot there and believe me when I say the place is awesomely beautiful - from the hotel, to the stunning houses, polo fields, horse stables (where we did the most of the shoot) and entertainment areas. Check out their website at: Waterfall Country & Equestrian Estate.

Inge and Stephanie, thanks for allowing me to be part of your afternoon! You rock and I can just wish you well for the few final year exams which lie ahead!

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