06 December 2010

Update of my weekend

I had one hectic busy weekend, what's new?, but it all made me so happy! It was a very interesting and blessed journey and let me tell you that if I could I would have been able to write a book of this weekend alone..:-)!  So before I post sneak peeks of the shoots I had, I wanted to tell you more.

I just had to test my new lens, Canon 24-70mm 2.8f, before my Saturday afternoon shoot and ended up photographing one of my best friends and her dogs on Saturday morning. Except for one being in her own world and not at all interested in the black thing infront of her face, I got to "practise" with my new lens.

Saturday afternoon I had a family shoot in Fourways, I met the gorgeous woman while working on a chrity project togehter, but we never met until Saturday afternoon, and to my surprise it was one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. Stressing about whether I would be able to live up to their expectations as I do know that there are better and more experienced photographers out there, I was welcomed with the most heart warming smiles and personalities!  I enjoyed every bit of the time I spent with this humble and beautiful family. What is even more inspiring is where they came from, yes I did some research this morning, to be who they are and how hard they worked to make a success of it all! And believe me if I say that they have their feet firmly on the ground!  Unfortunately, due to them being very private people I won't be able to post their photos, but I can only say that they made for stunning photos! Believe me!! S-t-u-n-n-i-n-g!!

Sunday afternoon I had a long outstanding matric farewell shoot at the beautiful Belvedere Estate in Midrand with a very special young lady!  She is dear to my heart and I enjoyed every second I spent with her.  We always make up for lost time during these sessions and this time around I could see how my skills have improved because I photographed her end of 2009 too.

So, now that you are all waiting in anticipation for at least a sneak peek of two of the shoots I have done, I post this photo Kat took of me at one of the weddings I was assisting her...  She sent it to me so I can have a good chukkle, because if I did not have a camera in my hand it would have made me (and others) wonder what I was really doing on the ground...  Thanks Kat!!  For any future queries whether photography is an easy job you just take on and are good at, let me tell you that this proves that we even crawl around on the floor to get that "perfect" shot. That is why being stiff after almost every shoot is not uncommon to most of us!

Enjoy your week till I post my sneak peeks!


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