23 September 2010

Children shoes...or should it be baby shoes?

Today I am a bit demotivated, because as soon as it feels as if things can't go any better...they don't. I am in the beginning phase of becoming a professional photographer and still do have so much to learn. But what is demotivating is that the photographic gear is so expensive and sometimes one just have to do with what you have got. Then I read Christine Meintjes' blog entry for yesterday (by the way she is one of my biggest idols and I just love her work!!) and speak loud and clear, actually fighting big time, to myself that I must not lose hope or have any doubt that my dreams won't become a reality. It depends on how I use what I have got and saving up slowly but surely till I can buy what I still need the most. Oh and learn as much as possible. Gain as much knowledge and experience as I can. So for me, I am walking in children's shoes, or more baby shoes for now, till I get to the point where I can spoil myself with a new lens or flash or camera! I am DrEaMiNg...big time!!

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