01 April 2011

Elma and Shaun - Ekudeni

What I loved about his wedding was how comfortable and relaxed Shaun was when I arrived at his house for the groom shots. He and his best man were all into making funny faces and being a great sport with all the ideas I had. 

What I didn't love about this wedding was that it was the first time ever that I was stung by a wasp - luckily just once (they tend to attack non-stop) - but I think the force I hit it with my hand and me running into the house almost screaming so loud the neighbours could hear me, made it probably decide not to sting again and again and again...  But despite of that being the worst pain I have ever felt and being uncomfortable shooting with a swollen hand for the rest of the day, I had an awesome time with Elma and Shaun. 

I assisted the wonderful Melanie Wessels and I loved working with her!

Funny face...

I love the feel of the following three shots...

The last glance as Miss... 

Okay, so his best man stuck this to the bottom of his shoes...and unfortunately, nobody saved him...:-)

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