29 March 2011

Taryn and Marc - Shepstone Gardens, Orange Grove

Shew, where do I begin...  When I posted Taryn and Marc's sneak peak I promised to spill more juicy detail about this wedding and here goes...

When I arrived with Kat at Shepstone Gardens and she introduced me to the groom he seemed familiar, but I just couldn't imagine from where.  Although my initial thought was that he may also be working at FNB and that I could have bumped into him recently, I still wasn't sure.  Taryn confirmed that he has done some work for FNB, but he doesn't work there full-time. Later when I saw one of his groomsmen it hit me from where I know them.  Marc, Christiaan (his groomsman) and one of the guests were three of my students in the Informatics practical classes when I was still a junior lecturer at UP.  I was so happy to see them as they were some of my favourite students at varsity, although it might have been Christiaan's charms that made them win me over from the start.  Also just shows you how small the world really is.  I must admit that for me this contributed to me being relaxed with them and had so much fun assisting Kat that day.

Further more, I must just say again that Taryn looked so so gorgeous and made for beautiful photos! 

Thanks Kat for allowing me to help you and to Taryn and Marc that was an amazing couple to photograph!

Enjoy these as I again couldn't choose...


I couldn't choose between the following two shots...so I posted both...:-)

Ain't she just drop dead gorgeous...?

Marc couldn't keep his eyes off Taryn...

What a special moment...



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