18 May 2010

Jemma & Renier - Tres Jolie

I met Jemma & Renier, Theresa's brother, the Thursday before their wedding at Theresa's house (previous post) and was a bit nervous as not one of the two spoke a word to me the whole time except for when Theresa asked them a question. After I left I was stressing so much about the coming shoot I didn't know how I am going to get any decent photos out of these two "shy" people. But to my surprise they were so open and friendly on the Saturday that most of my fears just disappeared. They turned out to be such an awesome couple because they have been dating for a few years already before getting married but also went through some roughs times together, which just made their bond so much stronger. I admire their unconditional love for each other and feel so privileged to have been their photographer on that day! Thanks Jemma & Renier for sharing this special day with me!

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