05 May 2010

Wedding class photos

Just a few shots from the wedding class I attended a while ago. This girl is a model and helped us so much on different poses and what works and doesn't work. It was great spending the day with her and caught the light at the right time of the day - late afternoon. On this day I realised how tough it can be to be on your feet shooting for the biggest part of a day and how stiff you can be the next day of bending down or laying on your stomach to get shots from below the couple! I got a lot of respect for the photographers who have been doing for a long time!

Please note that I love close up portrait photos as you can then see the true self of a person - no distance to hide behind!

Just love the catch light in her hair!

The following three photos are three of my favourites shots of the day...think the tecture of the wall contributed to the shots!

And love this one too...

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  1. I'd never have guessed this was your first wedding shoot. Looks like you've been doing it for a long time, because the photos are lovely!! Wish I'd known about you when I got married!!!