02 February 2011

Liz and Pierre - Green Leaves

I fell in love with Green Leaves close to Harties, that after I drove to the wrong venue first becuase I got the name wrong the first time around.  I am glad I had to be here as they have beautiful settings for photos.
I assisted Splendid Productions at the wedding of Liz and Pierre in December 2010. 

Liz is such a fine and beautiful woman that I couldn't get enough photos of her. Pierre on the other hand is tall and gorgeous.  Both of them made for some fun photos and we enjoyed the day with them.  They were willing to play along with our suggestions and it shows in their photos.  Enjoy xxx

See what I mean...gorgeous!

I love the light that the cross in the wall allows to come into the room!!

I love the back lighting of the following photos!

Don't you just love it when a father and his daughter have such a beautiful relationship? The way she looks at him says it all...


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