25 October 2010

Fran and Dennis - Riverplace Country Estate, Hennops River

When I arrived at Riverplace I was in awe about the beauty of the area, specially with the Hennops River flowing past the venue.  It was the setup of a beautiful ceremony and reception and I think Fran and Dennis couldn't ask for anything more special than this.

After I met the bride and groom, I was the assistant photographer for Hannelie from Hannelee Photography, I set off to find the reception venue to get a few images of the decor.  To my surprise it was absolutely gorgeous just because they have put so much time and effort into making some of the decor, with some help of their friends, themselves.  I loved this!  If I could choose to have decor for my own wedding it would come close to this!  And there were hearts everywhere - wooden hearts, hearts on paper, hearts with beads, painted hearts....  I could feel their love for each other by just looking at the decor!

Fran and Dennis, I hope your wedding day was a big blessing to you as it was to everybody else who attended!


Took this through the stems of the above glasses...




  1. Wow, I'm impressed! You are so good! I'm so glad I "found" you ;-) I hope you'll keep shooting with me for ages!

    Love Kylie and Barry's too :-)

  2. Beautiful work Juanette. I love the ones you got of Dennis! I agree with Kat, hope we can share you for a long time still ;-)