13 October 2010

My 'Little Pink Book'

I must first tell you that I won a prize on The Pretty Blog and I never win anything! So now I can say that I have and that I am so so happy with my Little Pink Book from Little Pink Book.

Firstly, not only because I L-O-V-E pink, but because there is nothing little about this book (except its size)! No little information, nothing little on visual satisfaction, nothing little on service providers, nothing little on space for notes, nothing little on how helpful this little book is and going to be in future - for me (I am not married yet :-)) and I am a photographer. Therefore, I think this book should have been called "the BIG Pink Book" as it would have been a better description for its value! So, if I do talk about My BIG Little Pink Book, please know that I am talking about this awesome prize I won!

PS: Brides, if you don't have one get one ASAP! This is an awesome tool to have and it is 'little' enough to fit in your handbag!

Thanks to The Pretty Blog for this amazing prize! You are so amazing too!

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