07 October 2010

Ms Ostrich - Battlefields Country Lodge, Dundee

I have decided to give this Lady a post all for herself...just because it was so funny :-). When we photographed Kyra and Nick's wedding in Dundee, we bumped into Ms Ostrich while on our way to a big open field of grass. And believe me, she was ready to show us who is boss - i.e. look at the wings and the look she gave me. Unfortunately, the faster I moved away the faster she was coming closer and closer and after I was bitten by one at the age of 4 when I tried to feed it through a fench, I am close to being really scared of what an ostrich is capable of. Also, the faster I moved away the more I laughed. Thanks to Kat for staying calm and standing in the same spot till the lady calmed down and walked away munching at anything eatable she could find on the ground.

So, contributing to the awesome wedding we had, this was one of those other funny moments that I probably never will forget...:-)

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