28 October 2010

Zivana and Ross - La Vue Lodge, Rivonia

Zivana and Ross got married at the stunning La Vue Lodge in Rivonia. It was recently taken over by new owners and although there is still some work to be done according to them, I think they have done a great job to make the place look stunning.  There was a lot of small details and although my first collage is about the detail, I can promise that I have not capture a 1/10th of what is really there. They cater for smaller groups, which adds to the intimacy of any social gathering, whether it is weddings, birthday parties or conferences.

Okay, about Zivana and Ross...  They both have had their own journey before they met and having gone through a very emotional few weeks before their wedding, I think you would believe me when I say they are made for each other.  She, the funny extrovert and he, the more serious introvert, but they compliment each other so well!  And their love for each other was so real.  They greeted all their guests as they arrived, then got dressed seperately before they met each other at the ceremony again.  She gorgeous in her beautiful dress and he proud in his black suit.

Yet another beautiful wedding I assisted with. Thanks to Tyrone from Twilight Photography for trusting me to be his right hand on the day!


These kind of photos make me shed a tear too!  I love weddings!!

Love the light in these...

Zivana is so beautiful!!

The look she gives him says it all... 

And the way he looks at her says even more...

The fun side to their relationship...

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  1. Such a stunning bride! You looked absolutely fantastic! And really happy too - Lucky guy!
    May this be the first of many happy days the two of you share!